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Agricultural & Specialist Services

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(insect infestations in grain and bulk commodities)


Grain Fumigation is a service designed to control insect infestations in grain and similar commodities by the use of gas. Controlling a large variety of insects such as weevils, sawtooth grain beetles and mites to name only a few. Fumigation is a process which controls all life stages from eggs to adults. Many fumigation operations are successfully carried out in the Bedford, Hitchin, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire areas. This technique involves the use of phosphine gas under strict and regulated conditions. The commodity is sheeted over with plastic. The gas is then activated and controlled over a 2 to 3 week period depending on temperature. After which the sheets are removed. The commodity is then tested and once the gas levels have vented off to the required safety level a 'fumigation clearance certificate’ can then be issued. This process is industry recognised. The result of which allows your commodity to once again become a sellable item in a relatively short period. Unlike the use of insecticide dusts or sprays, phosphine gas does not leave any significant detectable residues. Whether you have 40 tonnes or 2040 tonnes we can provide the solution to suit your requirements.

Associated Pest Control cover all of the Bedford, Hitchin, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire areas as well as a large part of the East Of England.

Grain Care

One of the keys to successful grain care is regular monitoring of temperature and moisture levels as well as any initial signs of insect infestations. Early detection will result in less spoilage and could in some cases be more cost effective to resolve. Adopting an annual policy of thorough grain store cleaning before harvest and then applying an appropriate insecticide to the internal fabric of the store before storage will greatly reduce the chances of insect infestation.

* Tips For Insect Detection

  • Look out for ‘Hot Spot’ areas – high temperatures will increase breeding activity
  • Look out for ‘Hard or Tight’ grain – this sometimes will indicate higher differences in moisture/temp
  • Up to 70% of infestations in flat stores originate from the rear – first loads to be combined
  • If you find what appear to be dead insects, warm them up – if they are alive the heat will make them active
  • Make sure your monitoring traps are varied across the grain heap – not just at convenient locations

* What do I do if I find an infestation?

By giving us a call and describing your individual situation we can then suggest an appropriate solution. If an infestation is caught early enough, a larger number of options could be available to combat the problem. Our telephone advice is free and you are under no obligation. We would be pleased to lend a hand.


Pre-harvest Grain Store Insecticide Spraying

An annual pre-harvest treatment applying an insecticide to the internal fabric of the grain store adding protection against an infestation of insects originating from within the building itself. This operation dramatically reduces the risk of infestation thus reducing the risk of any expensive post harvest treatment.

  • Added protection against post infestation treatment expenses
  • Applied via motorized mist pump allowing a reach of up to 10m
  • Mist blowing application offers a higher level of insecticide coverage to less accessible areas that other more conventional methods cannot reach
  • Full range of grain store insecticides

Grain Store Cleaning

Professional storage practice requires thorough cleaning of grain store facilities on an annual basis to ensure removal of old residues and to provide a clean surface for insecticide application. Associated Pest Control can provide a full grain store cleaning service covering a variety of storage structures from cleaning silos to grain dryers.

  • All types of storage facilities catered for
  • Reduces potential insect harbour-ages
  • Can reduce labour costs or free up work force
  • Thorough job with specialist cleaning equipment
  • Cleaning of Silos, bins, flat stores, under floor venting.
  • Cleaning of grain dryers, dressers and other grain store machinery.

Rabbit Control

Managing effective rabbit control is an ever increasing task. Associated Pest Control can offer a comprehensive rabbit control service designed to reduce population numbers and deter re-infestation where feasible. Well managed rabbit control can help prevent costly damage to crops and the environment. Successful rabbit control is often achieved through a combination of methods.

  • Certificated operators familiar with gassing operation hazards – Why risk your own work force?
  • Full range of control methods including fencing and drop traps
  • Added protection against costly damage allowing maximization of crop margins
  • Rabbit fencing, live trapping, gassing operations
  • Environmental assessments

Our existing customers consist of a variety grain and feed merchants, a number of farming groups as well as a large customer base of individual farms mainly in the South East, East Anglia and the Home Counties.

Rodent Control

Providing a professional approach using a large range of methods and baiting plans to help prevent costly damage, rejected grain and to reduce the risk of rodent spread diseases.

  • Initial and routine control plans
  • Compliance to Crop Assured Schemes
  • Proofing and prevention

Wasps Nests

We provide a control service for a variety of other pests such as Bees, Wasps, as well as Wasps Nests, Hornets, Flies, Fleas, Bedbugs, Ants, Cockroaches, and many others. Variety of Other Birds and we supply and deal with Fly Screens Blinds For Windows and Doors, Electric Fly Control Units, Wasp Traps Wasps Nests services.

Our existing customers consist of a variety grain and feed merchants, a number of farming groups as well as a large customer base of individual farms mainly in the South East, East Anglia and the Home Counties.

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